Around the area you will find a lot of beautiful adventures..

More about Island hopping

Around Island House there are countless uninhabited islands with imaginative bounty beaches. This area in the Philippines has been voted the most beautiful island area in the world for 2 years.

On these islands you can climb coconuts, snorkel on secret coral reefs, experience waterfalls, stand up paddle around the islands and more. You will feel like an explorer, as these islands normal travelers never come close to.

To get around on the surrounding islands, you can rent a private banka (boat) and your boatman will sail you around. Your boatman knows all the best places to see!

We go for world class diving! You wanna go?

More about Diving

Experience amazing and unique dive in the Philippines. Here you can see some world-class coral reefs and dive around historic shipwrecks in very good visibility. The shipwrecks originate from World War II, and are Japanese warships and freight ships that were lowered by the American Navy. The ships are up to 180 meters long and due to their size it is also possible to dive in and look into them. There are good conditions for diving for beginners and experienced divers.

Please note that a diving certificate is required and can be purchased when you leave.

Great opportunities to snorkel the amazing coral reefs..

More about snorkling and freedive

If you are more into snorkeling, there are also great opportunities to snorkel around some of the wrecks and beautiful coral reefs that are available from the surface with snorkeling. Here you can also practice your skills in freedive!

In addition, Island House is one of the area’s finest coral reefs with great chances of seeing turtles.
Remember to bring your own snorkling equipment! 

The perfect way to explore the area around Secret Island...

More about Stand Up Paddle & Kayak

In Island House you have free access to stand up paddle boards and sit-on-top kayaks.
It’s an absolutely perfect way to explore the area. Fill your backpack with good experiences and fun expeditions to the secret beach and coral reef on the other side of the island, or sail into the neighboring town of Maclalamby and drink a soda with the locals. A trip with SUP or kayak can also be used as a reflection room, where you can sail by yourself and let all the many experiences have time to sink. You can also paddle out in the evening and  see the beautiful sunset over the horizon!

Your paradise away from civilization, wifi and daily life...

Off the grid

As soon as you approach Island House, you quickly sense how relaxing the place and environment around you are. Here, at this place, you decide how the days should
look like! 

There is no wifi or phone signal, which means that you have to entertain yourself. Now you have the time to read the book from the top of the shelf back home, have long talks together, sing, play games, throw yourself in the hammocks and whatever you want.

At Island House you will also find our yoga cabin, where you can practice yoga in the morning sun or at sunset. The cabin can also be used for overnight stays or other stuff. In the evening you can sit at the bonfire and make roasted marshmallows, drink a cold beer or just enjoy each other’s company.