One of the best kitesurfing spots in the Philippines

More about Kitesurfing

Do you have a dream of kitesurfing when there is full moon? Or when the sun goes down? Secret Island is the place where your dreams come true! With some of the best winds in Palawan, and maybe the entire Philippines, you can expect a great holiday to go all out on Kite Surfing. Out here you won’t have to deal with other tourists.  

The kite spot rests between two lush islands. The surfing area is 750 meters long (across the wind direction), and more than 1 kilometer wide (up wind). During our season from November to April (the Amihan-season), you can look forward to moderate temperatures, little to no rainfall and a steady trade wind from northeast at velocity of 16-28 knots. The wind is offshore, but you do not have to worry, Secret Island has a team standing by with a boat in case you need a rescue back to the island.The kite spot at Secret Island is perfect for beginners, intermediates as well as advanced kiters. The sea bottom is all sand, partly shallow and flat waters. With no sea stars, corals or other unseen dangers, the Kite Spot at Secret Island is great for learning the sport as well as try your hand at freestyling, while waves with little swell can humor the more experienced surfers.

At Secret Island you will always find the newest Cabrinha kite equipment, which is used for daily rental, private lessons and course on the spot. Our instructors is ready to teach you hoe to kite surf, jump, foil or whatever you might need help with. Find our prices here.

At the spot, there is a Danish and English speaking manager and kite surf instructor who is ready to tell you about the spot and help you launch your kite, operate the lifeboat and what else you might need help with. Can you jump high? Every year there is a competition about jumping highest and get your name on the “King Of The Air” board, located in the middle of the common house.


You don’t have to be a well skilled kite surfer to visit Secret Island. In just a week your motivation and our cool instructors can bring you from Zero to Hero! The shallow area right in front of Secret Island is ideal for you as a beginner. There is plenty of room to unfold and people are happy to give you a hand and telling you all the good tricks. In other words, you have the best conditions to become a skilled kite surfer while visiting Secret Island. 

Around the area you will find a lot of beautiful adventures..

More about Sightseeing and Island hopping

Secret Island and the area around have much more than kitesurfing to offer! 
As the island is completely isolated from both tourism, telephone signal and news media, Secret Island provides room for immersion, reflection and an authentic cultural meeting with locals from a true Filipino village. Think about having the time to read the book from the shelf in the living room, enjoy nature and swim in the 28-degree hot water when the sunbathing gets too hot.

We also offer adventures around the area of Secret Island. Amoung other, you can see Nangalao together with a local guide, go hiking the mountain on Secret, go on island hopping to a neighboring island for snorkeling. It may also be that the local fisherman invites you to go fishing or that you want to enjoy the morning peace with a session of yoga. The options are many!

In the neighboring island, you can find the village, Nangalao, with a population of approximately 2000 people, mostly children. Occasionally the locals visit the camp, especially the kids who are avid fans and very curious about kitesurfing. If you visit Nangalao you can get an unforgettable experience by visiting an authentic Philippine village full of welcoming and hospitable people. Nangalao is also the only place in the area where you can make a telephone call. There is no phone coverage or Wi-Fi on Secret Island. We live in the moment!

Great opportunities to snorkel the amazing coral reefs..

More about snorkling and freedive

If you are into snorkeling, there are great opportunities to snorkel around the area on beautiful coral reefs. You can also practice your skills in freedive!

The last seasons, we have discovered lots of awesome places, with a rich wildlife beneath the surface of the water. Besides small and bigger fish of all colors, we daily see turtles, stingrays and small reef sharks. An hour away, you can also find a cleaning station for Manta Rays, if you visit us this spring.
Remember to bring your own snorkling equipment. 

You wanna try out your windsurfing skills?

More about Windsurfing

Thinking of taking up windsurfing? Windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. At Secret you have free access to the gear and low water to practice your skills. 

The perfect way to explore the area around Secret Island...

More about Stand Up Paddle

At Secret you have access to stand up paddle boards. It’s easy to learn, and an absolutely perfect way to explore the area. Fill your backpack with good experiences and fun expeditions to the secret beach and coral reef on the other side of the island, or sail into Nangalao and drink a soda with the locals.
A trip on the SUP can also be used as a reflection room, where you can sail a trip by yourself and let all the many experiences have the time to sink. Maybe you and your buddy want to paddle out and watch a beautiful sunset over the horizon?

Surrender yourself too yoga in stunning surroundings

More about yoga

We all need time for ourselves! Therefore, we give you the opportunity to surrender yourself too yoga in stunning surroundings – with both feet planted directly in nature. It will be different if our yoga lessons lie in the morning, dinner, afternoon or on top of Secret Island. Let the yoga allow you to relax in body and soul!*

You wanna go fishing together with a local?

More about fishing

Take a trip out with a local and catch our dinner – we will receive a bottle of rom! On Secret Island it is possible to go on line fishing with a local fisherman or learn spearfishing. Maybe you’re lucky to shoot a cuttlefish or a 15 kg. barracuda!

Yes we are always on the water playing around...

More about wakebord

It is rare that we have days or afternoons without wind. But when it rarely happens, we still play on and in the water with our boards and little rubber boat. You have the option of renting the equipment and practicing on wakeboard on these days.

Poker, volleyball, board games... The possibilities are many!

More about the "Danish Hygge"

On Secret Island, it is important for us to bring the “Danish Hygge” also known as coziness to the Philippines. Therefore, we spent a lot of time together in the common house! Maybe you want to attend the camp’s volleyball tournament, poker night, coco bowling (beer bowling), board games or jungle cinema? The possibilities are many!