A perfect kitesurfing spot...

Do you have a dream of kitesurfing when there is full moon? Or when the sun goes down? Secret KiteCamp is the place where your dreams come true! With some of the best winds in Palawan, and maybe the entire Philippines, you can expect a great holiday to go all out on kitesurfing. Out here you won’t have to deal with other tourists.  

The kite spot rests between two lush islands. The surfing area is 750 meters long (across the wind direction), and more than 1 kilometer wide (up wind). During our season from November to April (the Amihan-season), you can look forward to moderate temperatures, little to no rainfall and a steady trade wind from northeast at velocity of 16-28 knots. The wind is offshore, but you do not have to worry, Secret KiteCamp has a team standing by with a boat in case you need a rescue back to the island. The kite spot at Secret is perfect for beginners, intermediates as well as advanced kiters. The sea bottom is all sand, partly shallow and flat waters. With no sea urchins, corals or other unseen dangers, the spot at Secret KiteCamp is great for learning the sport as well as try your hand at freestyling, while waves with little swell can humor the more experienced surfers. We have a total of 10 bamboo cabins and can therefore accommodate up to twenty guests – in other words, the KiteCamp and spot are never crowded!

See actual weather forecast and wind statistics here.

At Secret KiteCamp you will find Peter Lynn Kiteboarding equipment, which is used for daily rental, private lessons and course on the spot. Our instructors is ready to teach you hoe to kite surf, jump or whatever you might need help with. Find our prices here.

At the spot, there is a Danish and English speaking manager and kite surf instructor who is ready to tell you about the spot and help you launch your kite, operate the lifeboat and what else you might need help with. Can you jump high? Every year there is a competition about jumping highest and get your name on the “King Of The Air” board, located in the middle of the common house.

You don’t have to be a well skilled kite surfer to visit Secret KiteCamp. In just a week your motivation and our cool instructors can bring you from Zero to Hero! The shallow area right in front of Secret is ideal for you as a beginner. There is plenty of room to unfold and people are happy to give you a hand and telling you all the good tricks. In other words, you have the best conditions to become a skilled kite surfer while visiting Secret KiteCamp.