Weather forecast and statistics

When it comes to wind and weather, we know how easily easy but also dangerous it is to promise more than is possible to keep. So to see for yourself, check out the below weather forecasts from the two reliable sources and
As support of our claim that Secret KiteCamp is one of the most windy sports in the Philippines, see the winds statistics provided by at the bottom of the page. 

Weather forecast by

Forecast model: ECMWF
Location: 11°27’39”N 120°14’90”E
Time zone: Philippine Standard Time (UTC+8)

Weather forecast by

Forecast model: GFS 27km
Location: 11°28’19.2”N 120°16’41.88”E
Time zone: Philippine Standard Time (UTC+8)

Wind statistics by

Below you find screendumps of wind statistics, as it unfortunately it requires a login to access the statistics at The statistics is based on weather forecast data since March 2011.

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