About Amazing Philippines

Amazing Philippines is set in the world to establish, develop and operate experience destinations in the Philippines, creating synergy between guests’ unique and formative holiday experiences and the positive development of the local community.

Our Vission

We are known and recognized for operating experience destinations in an environmental sustainable way that set new standards for how western and  Filipinos meet. We are constantly deliver unique experiences to members, the best working conditions for our employees and sustainable financial success for both owners and the local communities we operate within.

Our Mission

We want to create an environment where members are drawn to a positive and relaxing atmosphere. There must be room and time for deepening, but at the same time there must also be an opportunity to stay active and play all day long.

Our Story

Throughout our time in the Philippines, Amazing Philippines has been cooperating with the local Filipinos. Most of our facilities such as Island House are built with the locals, and in that way we have helped each other.

In 2013, the island of Popototan was hit by a violent typhoon, which destroyed and demolished many houses and schools, which is why the inhabitants needed to rebuild it all. However, it is difficult for the Philippines to raise money for such projects, which is why we partner with the locals so that they can reconstruct again.

Amazing Philippines is your paradise in the Philippines! We have two locations that offer different adventures for you, your friends and family!

We don’t want to drown in tourists, therefore we have chosen two destinations with no tourism and with a maximum number of guests, who can visit us at a time.
The destinations are located around the cozy backpacker town Coron, Buasuanga. Take a look on Secret KiteCamp and Island House for more information.

Whos behind?

Kim Jakobsen
Long distance sailor who after 10 years on the oceans have settled in the Philippines. Kim is the man behind, who is in charge of making all things work together at the destinations.
Thomas Munk
Adventurous salesman who, instead of selling sand in the Sahara, has fallen in love with the Philippines. Thomas is responsible for marketing, SoMe and sales in Denmark.
Kåre Hinz
Well traveled guy who somehow have ended up behind a computer for a while. Kåre is responsible for communication, website, accountings and takes care of inquiries from the big world.
Jacob Stensdal
Becoming a skilled kitesurfer is a clear goal for Jacob. When not practicing kiting Jacob is deeply involved in marketing, SoMe and sales.

Thomas Munk, Kåre Hinz, Kim Block Jakobsen and Jacob Stensdal are the Danish men behind Amazing Philippines. 

Thomas, Kaare and Jacob live in Denmark and Kim live in Coron in the Philippines. They share dreams and visions, that makes traveling with Amazing Philippines an opportunity for you, your friends and family!

We also have a lot of good people helping us with their own specialties in Amazing Philippines.

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