To and from Secret Kitecamp

You will not need to go through extraordinary lengths like how Leonardo DiCaprio did to reach his tropical paradise as in ‘The Beach’. We can provide two options as listed below. They will both include a beautiful and refreshing sailing trip, although wind and weather can be playful and give you a wavy sail trip.

Common to the transport options is that we meet in Blue Moon Resto Bar at the main street of Coron. For scheduled transfers we meet at 13.30 p.m. shortly before departure. For private transfers meet up at Blue Moon Resto Bar 30 minutes before departure! Download meeting point information here!

Option #1: Scheduled speedboat transfer

Our speedboat sails to Secret every Monday and Thursday at 2.00 p.m. The trip takes about 2 hours of sailing, where the last hour can be in lively waves due to wind. The boat return to Coron from Secret every Monday and Thursday at 10 a.m. 

Price: 4,600 / Once / Per Guest

Option #2: Private speedboat transfer

You take a private transfer with our speedboat from Coron. It is the easiest way to get to Secret KiteCamp – arrive and/or depart on any day of the week. Contact us if you prefer this solution.

Price: ₱10,000 / Once / Per Way (Max 8 people)

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